Return Policy

Regular priced merchandise purchased online, may be returned unworn, for a full REFUND (less shipping if applicable), for up to 48 hours from your receipt of the merchandise.

Items must be in original box and unworn.

Returns can be delivered in person or with a courier to the address below, or to one of our drop off addresses at other locations. Please call us on 053-313-5788 for drop off addresses.

Geox Israel Official Dealer

Shoe Lounge

Mevo Nachaliel 1

Ramat Eshkol



Tel. 053-305-7325


Opening Hours:            Sun – Thurs 2:30 and 6:30pm

Mon 10:30am – 1pm

After 48 hours we will not accept any merchandise for return, and any merchandise that is sent to us without our approval, will be returned to you at your expense.

Of course we understand that unforeseen delays may occur, therefore, under special circumstances, after contacting and getting approval from us, you may return the merchandise after the 48 hour deadline has passed, for a GEOX ISRAEL credit only.

The credit will be valid as long as we are in business.

In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with the merchandise, complaints can be made in writing only, by email to